U.S. & Canada Biodiesel Plant Update

By Kolby Hoagland | November 01, 2013

Once a year, colleagues of mine at Biodiesel Magazine and I collaborate in an effort to update our archives on every biodiesel plant in Canada and the United States with annual production capacities equal or greater than 100,000 gallons. This effort offers an up-to-date, transparent analysis of the current biodiesel industry. As the archivist for BBI International, I get a sneak-peek at the data, identifying plants and looking for industry trends. Any changes to the biodiesel industry that we uncover will be published is the U.S. & Canada Biodiesel Plant Map 2014, which will be distributed with the Jan/Feb issue of Biodiesel Magazine.

In the U.S. & Canada Biodiesel Plant Map 2013, we listed two hundred and twenty four biodiesel plants that are considered “installed” or “under-construction.” Though not listed on Biodiesel Magazines annual plant map, there are numerous other plants that we track. This year, we are tracking two hundred and seventy biodiesel plants. Most of these plants will be on the 2014 map along with any updates. The other plants that we track are considered to be proposed, in a long-term idle, or closed and are not listed on the printed map. We continue to track the proposed, long-term idled, and closed plants because their assets are an important part of the industry and could very well end up back on the map.

Along with the printed U.S. & Canada Biodiesel Plant Map 2014, Biodiesel Magazine will soon release its new online map with North America’s most up-to-date biodiesel plant data. The online plant map for Biodiesel Magazine will be announced here on DataPoints in the coming month. Stay tuned!