Fiberight to produce compressed biogas

By Staff | October 07, 2013

Waste-to-energy firm Fiberight LLC could break ground on a waste recycling plant in Marion, Iowa, before the end of the year. The Marion City Council voted unanimously in August to approve a resolution establishing a 15-year waste supply agreement with the company.

Once complete, the facility will process municipal solid waste (MSW) into feedstocks for the production of compressed biogas and cellulosic ethanol. Equipment at the plant will separate out recyclable materials from the MSW. The remaining waste stream is comprised of soluble organics, which will be fed into a proprietary high-rate anaerobic digestion (AD) system, and cellulosic materials, which will be processed into cellulosic biofuel at a nearby plant in Blairstown.

Biogas generated in the AD system will be compressed for use as transportation fuel. Craig Stuart-Paul, chief executive of Fiberight, estimates the production of bio-CNG will begin during the second quarter of next year.