North American pellet exports set record

By Staff | September 23, 2013

North American wood pellet exports reached a new record of over 1 million tons during the first quarter of the year, according to Wood Resources International LLC’s North American Wood Fiber Review. According to the review, pellet exports from the two primary pellet-producing regions in North America—the U.S. South and British Columbia—showed no signs of slowing in early 2013, with growth likely to accelerate during the second half of the year.

Export volumes from the U.S. South to Europe in 2012 are estimated to be in excess of 1.7 million tons. Canadian exports for the year equaled approximately 1.5 million tons.

According Wood Resources International, the U.K. continues to be the primary destination for North American pellet exports. More than two-thirds of export volumes from the U.S. and Canada went to the U.K. during the first quarter of this year.