Biomass cogeneration plant in Brazil begins operations

By Erin Voegele | September 05, 2013

Brazil-based CPFL Renewable Energy SA recently announced that its 50 MW biomass power plant in São Carlos Ivaí, Parana, Brazil, is now operational. According to the company, the Thermoelectric Plant Biomass Coopcana Movida sells power into the free market with a delivery time of 21 years and 18 MW of contracted energy.

Operational data publish by CPFL Renewable Energy shows that the company generated 170.2 MW of electricity from biomass last year, up from 85 MW in 2011.

An annual report filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in April by CPFL Energy SA, a parent company of CPFL Renewable Energy, provides additional information on the company’s biomass power projects. According to the annual report, CPFL Energy established CPFL Renewable Energy in 2011, and owns a 63 percent interest in the subsidiary.

With the Coopcana biomass thermoelectric plant now online, CPFL Renewable Energy now as seven operational biomass cogeneration plants, and one plant under development. The seven operational plants have a combined production capacity of 330 MW. The company is also constructing an eighth biomass cogeneration plant, the 50 MW Alvorada thermoelectric facility. That plant is also expected to begin operations soon.