New Biomass Construction Update Coming

By Anna Simet | June 14, 2013

We’re just finishing up the July issue of Biomass Magazine, and in it is our second quarterly construction report.

This is something that we started in April, modeling it after the construction report that we have past done in one of our sister publications, Ethanol Producer Magazine. It complements our biomass power producer and pellet producer maps, which we update every year.

There are so many projects going on in the general biomass industry—in AD/biogas, pellet plants, power plants, advanced biofuels—and even within just one specific sector, it’s really difficult to keep track of what’s  proposed or underway (and what isn’t). Just because one company plans to do something doesn’t mean it will ever happen, and this is a way for us to track those projects that make it through the hurdles and get the shovel into the ground (and not meaning just moving a little dirt around).

And of course, it’s a valuable resource for you. We include where the project is at construction-wise of  course, but also a whole lot of other data, including who supplied the boiler, process/gas cleaning technology, feedstock, and what port is being used to export product (and much more).

If your project hasn’t been on the first or second construction update, make sure you reach out to our Maps and Data Manager Kolby Hoagland, at While we are providing running updates of some projects, we are adding new ones all the time.

Our industry as a whole is growing, and anything we can do to demonstrate that—like our construction report—we will.