U.S. producer ships torrefied pellets to EU

By Staff | April 02, 2013

Quitman, Miss.-based New Biomass Energy LLC has made its third shipment of torrefied wood pellets to Europe. The shipment, consisting of more than 4,000 tons, will be used to fuel coal-fired power plants.
“We see our shipments of thousands of tons during this past year as a great achievement not only for our company, but for the torrefaction industry as a whole,” said Mike White, executive vice president of New Biomass Energy.

The company has been producing torrefied wood pellets using commercial-scale reactors at its Quitman plant since early last year, and is currently in the process of expanding its production capacity to help meet growing demand from Europe. The expansion will increase capacity from 150,000 tons per year to 250,000 tons per year. According to Neal Smaler, president of New Biomass Energy, the expansion is expected to be complete later this year.