Green Planet Power Solutions enters contract for 10 MW plant

By Chris Hanson | January 30, 2013

Green Planet Power Solutions entered a 15 year purchase contract with the state of Maryland to provide 10 MW of electricity generated from animal waste in Caroline County. The agreement is the result of the Clean Bay Power process and aims at promoting renewable energy sources, as well as promoting the state’s farming industry and protecting the Chesapeake Bay from agricultural runoffs.

The Green Planet Power Solution project aims to save Maryland between $53.2 and $80 million in energy costs by utilizing chicken litter as a fuel source, in addition to annually reducing 115 tons of nitrogen caused by animal waste runoff into the Chesapeake Bay.

“We are confident that Green Planet Power Solutions will move Maryland closer to our renewable energy goals,” said Alvin C. Collins, Department of General Services secretary. “Obtaining electricity from poultry manure or animal waste helps Maryland government to reach its goal of generating 20 percent of its energy needs from renewable sources, all the while improving Bay water quality and supporting the agriculture industry.”

Maryland’s governor, Martin O’Malley, feels the Clean Bay Power is an indicator of Maryland’s leadership role in actively working towards generating 20 percent renewable energy by 2022, creating local jobs, and protecting the environment. The Green Planet Power Solutions project will create 200 construction jobs and 24 permanent jobs for Maryland.

Although O’Malley indicated that the project is going to be located in Federalsburg, Steve Carpenter, CEO of Green Plant Power Solutions, indicated at this point there is no permanent location for the Maryland site. Carpenter added the Maryland agreement makes selecting the best project site a critical step and they hope to have a decision in the coming months while they search for site opportunities over the next week.