Oregon plan pushes for more bioenergy development

By Staff | January 30, 2013

Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has released a 10-year Energy Action Plan, which includes recommendations for bioenergy and biomass-based thermal energy development. To continue development in the biomass utilization sector, the plan calls for a shift in incentive investments away from fuel source collection to investment in institutional boiler, cogeneration and cellulosic biofuel production facilities. The plan also aims to integrate local energy sources into residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

One component of the plan calls for the development and expansion of markets for advanced biofuels and engineered solids fuel products, such as the Clean Fuels Program, which includes local, domestic and export-focused opportunities. The plan also states that anaerobic digestion projects could reduce landfill waste while supporting nutrient recovery and management, while woody biomass projects within the state will help leverage forest health restoration projects and utilize forest residuals that would otherwise be burned in open piles.