24 MW biomass power plant in Maine offered for sale, relocation

By Erin Voegele | January 11, 2013

A 24 MW biomass power plant in Maine is up for sale. According to information issued by Niagara Worldwide, it is working in conjunction with Sherman Development LLC to liquidate a former Boralax Biomass Power Plant. The entire system, currently located in Stacyville, Maine, is to be transferred and reinstalled following its purchase. The facility is currently owned by Sherman Development.

“Due to its condition, up to date capacity and state of the art biomass turbine boiler technology, the 24 MW plant is drawing attention because of its fast track re-use potential,” said the companies in a press release.

According to information published by Niagara Worldwide, the facility includes a dresser turbodyne turbine, electric machine/dresser generator, condensers, pumps, precipitators, boilers, computer monitoring systems, and all support systems and equipment.

“Sherman Development is in talks with prospects on three continents. We welcome any interested parties, project ideas or partnerships that could utilize the Sherman Plant,” said Eric Spirtas, president of Niagara Worldwide, which is the company selected to manage the site assets and redevelopment of the facility. “The rising availability of incentives and renewable credits found both in the U.S. and the world increases the financial viability to use a plant like this one for a number of industries and possible power applications.”





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