Viaspace Giant King Grass planted in the Virgin Islands

By Viaspace Inc. | November 14, 2012

Viaspace Inc. has announced that Giant King Grass is now growing in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands.  The initial small shipment of Giant King Grass was received and planted by Tibbar Energy USVI LLC which is developing a 6 MW biomass energy project fueled by a 1,000 acre Giant King Grass plantation. The Giant King Grass was sent by Viaspace from its California growing site.

On Nov. 11, Tibbar Energy placed a full-page advertisement in the St. Croix Avis which is the main newspaper on the island as part of its public education campaign. The headline in the ad reads "Tibbar Energy USVI Introduces Giant King Grass to St. Croix." 

The 20-year Tibbar project is slated to be underway in 2013, fully on-line by the first quarter 2014 and will generate more than 20 full-time jobs with a total projected economic benefit of $150 million (over the life of the project) to the community through its agricultural and power generation components. Tibbar has entered into an exclusive partnership with Viaspace to grow Giant King Grass on St. Croix.

"The VIASPACE project with Tibbar Energy on St. Croix is now moving forward with all due speed as evidenced by this public relations campaign to educate the people of St. Croix regarding the multiple, significant  benefits of continuously renewable, green bioenergy using Giant King Grass to produce local electricity,” said Kevin Schewe, Viaspace chairman. “Our partnership with Tibbar Energy on St. Croix will be a model green energy project that can be readily duplicated elsewhere."