Report: Europe to remain biomass power leader

By Anna Simet | November 13, 2012

A new report by ecoprog GmbH says that while China, India and the U.S. will experience the most biomass power growth over the next five years, Europe will continue to possess the largest market.

Asia will surpass Europe in 2016 in regard to the number of biomass power plants and capacity, but ecoprog forecasts investments in Europe to remain higher, due to stricter standards.

Over the past five years, about 150 biomass power plants went operational per year worldwide, each one with an average capacity of 11 MW. During the next five years, around 820 biomass power plants with average capacity of 15 MW, totaling 12.5 GW, will be constructed throughout the world, according to ecoprog.

Great Britain is the currently the largest national market where about 1,400 MW of additional capacity will be commissioned by 2016; the markets in France and Poland will also accelerate significantly, according to the report. Traditionally significant markets such as Finland and Sweden will continue to be due to replacement and modernization measures, and only the German market, which was one of the largest in previous years, will lack growth.

The report attributes global biomass power market growth to increased competitiveness, due to more countries introducing feed-in tariffs for electricity from biomass; increasing prices for fossil energy sources; and many countries in Europe are aiming to increase the use of domestic raw materials and introduce carbon dioxide certificates.

A free summary of Ecoprog’s Biomass to Energy 2012/2013 report is available here