Japanese group to develop biohydrogen production

By Staff | October 30, 2012

The Japan-based Hydrogen Innovation Town Business Research Group has begun verification tests on a technology that produces hydrogen from biobased material, specifically sewage sludge. A plant based on the same technology that takes in various biomass feedstocks celebrated its grand opening last year.

The HIT Business Research Group consists of Japan Blue Energy Co. Ltd., Daiwa Lease Co. Ltd., Toyota Tsucho Corp. and Mitsui Chemical Inc. Daiwa House Industry Co. Ltd. and Toyota Motor Corp. are also participating in the group as observer members.

According to information released by the group, the process features JBEC’s proprietary gas Blue Tower technology. The process takes in biomass feedstock and converts it into a high hydrogen content gas via a steam reaction process.


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    Chevron, to take another criooratopn that you named, has invested in a company called Solazyme, which is a very promising player in the infant biofuels industry. They did not buy anything near a controlling interest (in other words, they are not trying to shelve Solazyme's IP), and look to be working to help Solazyme's research. I would imagine that other oil companies are doing the same thing. Solazyme's technologiy is already proven as technologically feasible


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