Spreading the biomass gospel

By Staff | October 24, 2012

Pat Rita, founder of Orion Advocates, has worked on Senate campaigns in New Hampshire, for the American Forest & Paper Association, and for the pellets industry. As a lobbyist for the industry, Rita calls Capitol Hill home. During the 2012 Pellet Fuels Institute Conference, Rita gave an update on the issues he and others are pushing for or monitoring. Not surprisingly, many huge issues in the industry like those of Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology rules, will go undecided until after the election. According to Rita, the Office of Management and Budget has seen a new rule regarding Boiler MACT, but won’t act until 2013.

Rita isn’t letting the November event stop him from pushing for a stronger pelletindustry, however. We are working with the U.S. Department of Defense to spread the gospel about the benefits of biomass heating, he said. The use of renewable heat, “is proven,” he continued, “and is a quick return on investment,” an aspect the DOD is intrigued by in its quest to include a greater percentage of renewable energy.