Bringing safety to pellet production

By Staff | October 24, 2012

The British Columbia Forest Safety Council is making the pellet production industry a safer place to work. The council has created a Basic Audit and Safety Evaluation Auditing document that helps production facilities to assess the safety of several different areas that could be present at a mill, from raw fiber storage to fiber sizing, and finished product storage.

The safety auditing document uses a scoring system, awarding a specific amount of points when a safety protocol is followed. If, for instance, a mill can show documentation that the internal temperature of pellet piles is monitored at least once a week, five points would be awarded. Other areas of plant safety, such as mobile equipment use information, will be awarded a certain point total based on the percentage of equipment that receives proper documentation. According to the BC Forest Safety Council, “scoring for the audit is very prescriptive. Auditors are given very particular instructions and there must be valid reasons for awarding or not awarding points.” Scoring should be used as a guide for improvement on a company’s safety system rather than an absolute of pass or fail.