Mapping the Changes in Renewable Power Investment

By Luke Geiver | September 13, 2012

New investors and existing players aren’t shy about biomass power projects. Our magazine’s map data collection efforts offer evidence why. I’ll skip the explanation about what those efforts entail (for that check out Anna Simet’s blog) and get right to the evidence.

Yesterday I spent a hefty portion of my day confirming plant data. Although I wish the majority of that time was spent on the phone with plant managers talking about the past year, it wasn’t. My data confirmation efforts were focused instead, on aligning the appropriate plant ownership name with the corresponding facility. In the last year, new or existing biomass companies have not been afraid about a struggling economy, a stalled push for greenhouse gas regulations including the ongoing Boiler MACT debate or the perceived difficulty linked to project finance. The map, and the new or altered ownership names will reflect that.

A 6 MW biomass power facility in Iowa has been purchased by an ethanol venture (changed that). ReEnergy Holdings has purchased four facilities from Boralex Inc., and purchased another generating facility at a U.S. Army installation in upper New York (changed all of those). IHI Inc., a subsidiary of Tokyo-based IHI Corp., just purchased five biomass power facilities in California (those will all be changed).

 At the end of our effort, I’m confident the amount of changes we’ll make will be noticeable, not just on the printed or online versions of the map, but as an indication that investment into biomass-based renewable power is strong. For the evidence of that, check out the free map this fall.