Green gasoline developer licenses ExxonMobil technology

By Luke Geiver | July 03, 2012

The advanced biofuels and gasification technology developer Sundrop Fuels Inc. has added another energy giant to its list of partners. Through a licensing agreement, Sundrop Fuels will add a methanol-to-gasoline (MTG) technology provided by ExxonMobil Research and Engineering Co. to its proposed 50 MMgy facility in Alexandria, La. The company already has an impressive list of financial backers or industry partners. In 2011, Chesapeake Energy Corp., the second largest natural gas producer in the nation, invested $155 million into the company. Kleiner Perkins Caulfield & Byers, and Oak Investment Partners have also invested in the company.

Sundrop Fuels plans to combine the MTG technology with its own technology, a proprietary radiant particle heat transfer gasification technology. The MTG system was first developed in the 1970’s and later commercialized at a natural gas-to-gasoline plant in New Zealand during the 1980s. The gasification system will convert woody biomass and hydrogen from a natural gas stream into syngas and then into methanol. The MTG unit will then stream the methanol into a fixed-bed reactor, creating hydrocarbons and water, according to Sundrop Fuels. The end product, the company also said, is a zero-sulfur, ultra-low benzene gasoline that can be used directly or blended.

Wayne Simmons, CEO for the company, said using the MTG system provides the company with a proven fuel synthesis method to maximize the gasification platform.

The licensing announcement comes only a month after Sundrop Fuels announced a partnership with ThyssenKrupp Uhde, a coal and biomass gasification technology provider. The company will deploy the High Temperature Winkler gasification process from ThyssenKrupp Uhde in combination with its own gasification technology.


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  1. jerry dycus



    Wouldn't it be smarter to get the H2 from water in a water gas, superheated H2o + Biomass C = H2-CO, reaction to adjust the Co-H2 ratio?

  2. Zane



    Mary&Bob Brinck I have a moped that gets 200 mpg tat would normally would get 75 mpg with my wegiht (250) lbs. all I did was a few modifications to the carb. I'm a retired car mechanic. Any thing could be modified to get better mpg. We just have to put our minds to it and we can do it.The only bad thing about using would it depletes our oxygen supplies and or natrual resources to make shade and keep the earth green. What happens when we deplete that resource. Water is also a precious resource we can't live without. Sometime ago the Germans invented a 50 year battery that would run anything too and that was short lived cause the scientists dissapeared so they claim.I think we should use a resource we have plenty of, the adujustment I made on my moped wasn't much but it made a big difference in my gas economoy without destroying the enviorment of it's natrual resources.I like this idea, maybe we can find organic wood or other organic resources we can use. July 29 2011 at 12:56 PM rate up rate down


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