A Solid Bioenergy Partner

All enzymes aside, time and investment mean the most
| July 25, 2011

Lignol Energy Corp. may someday be a leader in woody biomass to cellulosic ethanol production. The same might be said about Poet LLC and corn stover, and for wheat straw, Inbicon might already be there. Regardless of feedstock, there is, however, one constant that has helped each prospective company approach their bioenergy milestones. We know Novozymes, the enzyme cocktail supplier to all three companies. But for the research teams and company executives, the company from Denmark may be the best possible partner in the bioenergy industry to date. Sure, those enzyme cocktails are “uber” productive, but in an industry where words like testing, piloting and commercializing dominate, there might be nothing more valuable than a partner who has been there from the beginning, has the experience and numbers and understanding of all that work, and above all, has just as much time and money invested into the industry as anyone. 

As an example, Novozymes recently joined Lignol on the Vancouver-based firm’s industrial consortium, funded by the Sustainable Development Technology Canada. “In the past two years we have made significant progress with Novozymes,” says Ross MacLachlan, president and CEO of Lignol. “We are very pleased” that Novozymes is committed to the success of Lignol as the company “embarks on the final stages of commercialization,” he adds. Fortunately for the biorefining industry, several other companies might share that sentiment. 

—Luke Geiver