Twice a Charm

How LS9 is making progress bringing its renewable chemicals to market
By Bryan Sims | March 18, 2011

California-based biotech outfit LS9 Inc. is working hard to commercialize its suite of biochemicals, and global consumer products company Proctor & Gamble wants to help make that a reality. In February, LS9 and P&G finalized the second tier of a strategic partnership that was initiated in May 2009. According to LS9 President and CEO Ed Dineen, the second partnership with P&G aims to broaden LS9’s portfolio of renewable chemicals to be used in P&G’s consumer products.

“The fact that we’ve entered into a second partnership with P&G is affirmation that the first one is going very well,” Dineen tells Biorefining Magazine, adding that he couldn’t disclose which specific biochemicals LS9 would be producing for P&G as part of the agreement. “It’s a chemical product, and it’s something in current use in their portfolio, but it’s something that we can’t disclose at this point.”
Dineen adds, “Having two programs with P&G gives us access to those types of markets, and that’s quite valuable to us. Those types of markets tend to have more stability, and I think P&G is a leader in most areas they are involved with in terms of the consumer markets.”

Dineen says LS9 is exploring potential partnerships in the personal care products, lubricants, flavors, and fragrances industries. “We’re looking to broaden the spectrum of chemicals that we can bring to market,” he says. “We like the partnership model.”

—Bryan Sims