Economic Evaluations

Chemical Market Associates and Intratec Solutions develop market analysis tool
By Erin Voegele | March 18, 2011

CMAI and Intratec have partnered to leverage their respective expertise in chemical markets and technology to develop a new offering in CMAI’s Technology Intelligence Program. The new offering provides customers with a comprehensive review and evaluation of process technology, capital and production costs, market overviews and profitability analysis for products and production technologies that are of interest to those in the chemical industry.

While CMAI has traditionally been focused on petroleum-based chemicals and processes, the company is now branching out into the biochemical industry. According to Ed Glatzer, CMAI’s business director of commercial development, his company has recognized that biobased chemicals and polymers are a hot topic for those in the chemical sector. “We recognize that it’s an area of growth, and it’s of great interest,” Glatzer says, noting that CMAI is also developing a practice in the area of renewables.

To develop the reports, Intratec delves through patents that have been filed for a respective chemical product. “They review the patents and develop the process schemes and [conduct] detailed process simulations to come up with cost sets,” Glatzer says. “What CMAI is providing is the market side that’s used to develop and forecast the costs and profitability side.” The TIP Technology Reports include a five-year historical patent review and data on emerging and up-to-date technologies and trends. Each report also contains a review of global supply and demand for a particular chemical product as well as an outlook of capacity by producer and feedstock and pricing data that is sourced from CMAI’s proprietary capacity and price databases.

As part of the technology development and understanding, the companies also contact the technology licensors for verification and validation purposes. “[In the biobased sector] there is definitely more of a challenge to find the more relevant technology holders because of the fast changing technology landscape,” Glatzer adds.

The result is an analysis tool that can aid those in the chemical industry review and compare process technologies for a particular chemical product on cost and profitability perspectives.   Glatzer says that the reports are specifically designed to be useful to professionals throughout a company, from the engineering team to executive management. We think it’s a perfect tool for planning purposes, he continues, noting the reports provide a strong evaluation in terms of both projected profitability and technical analysis.

“[Our customers] will be pleased when they see the quality, rigor and in-depth nature of these reports,” Glatzer says. “We’re getting a lot of positive feedback from people who have seen them.” We’re very excited about this new product line and think the reports are going to be of great interest to members of the chemical industry, he says. 

—Erin Voegele