Opcon wins another bioenergy repeat order in the Czech Republic

By Opcon | June 15, 2012

Opcon, the energy and environmental technology group, has received yet another order for equipment that recycles waste heat, this time within the bioenergy sector in the Czech Republic. The order concerns the delivery of the SRE Renergi flue gas condenser, including treatment for another district heating plant operated by TTS in the town of Trebic, Czech Republic. This is the third order for district heating plants in Trebic, which has 45,000 inhabitants. The first was delivered in the autumn 2010.

The district heating plant in Trebic has a 7.9 MW biomass boiler. When the SRE condenser is installed, energy efficiency will be increased by 25-30%. Meanwhile, emissions of dust particles will be reduced considerably, to below 20 milligrams per normal cubic meter (mg/nm3).

The customer is Intech Slovakia s.r.o., a subsidiary of TTS eko s.r.o., which is a leading biomass company in both the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with a number of its own plants and extensive sales of technical equipment within the sector.

“We are very pleased that once again we have the opportunity to help to improve the efficiency of a TTS plant. This is especially important because of their position as a pioneer in the Czech market. There is great potential in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with bioenergy still in the early phase of development. Up to now, fossil fuels and nuclear power have dominated the energy sector completely,” said Rolf Hasselström, president and CEO of Opcon AB.

Opcon Bioenergy, SRE and Saxlund are a part of Opcon’s growing renewable energy business area and its waste to value initiative with a special focus on waste heat recovery and bioenergy. Within the bioenergy sector, Opcon offers everything from the design of complete combined heat and power (CHP) plants to handling systems and incineration plants under the Saxlund brand. Under the SRE Renergi brand, systems are supplied for treatment and improved energy efficiency for bioenergy-powered district heating plants, sawmills, pellets producers and commercial greenhouses. The offer also includes flue gas condensation equipment for industrial activities as well as drying systems for biomass. The Opcon Group also supplies Opcon Powerbox for production of green electricity produced from hot water or wet steam.