Multiple UK schools ponder biomass boilers

By Luke Geiver | March 08, 2012

By the end of this month, several U.K. primary schools could be in line to receive biomass boilers.

The Calderdale Council, a regional entity in West Yorkshire, England, will meet March 12 to discuss investing £500,000 ($790,000) for the installation of six biomass boilers in the following schools: St. Mary’s Catholic Primary in Halifax; Beech Hill; Old Earth in Elland; West Vale; Ash Green; and St. Chad’s. The boilers will use recycled woody biomass for fuel, and will earn more than £1.3 million over 20 years.

The projects will take advantage of the U.K.’s Renewable Heat Incentive, which encourages organizations to generate heat by providing a payment for every unit of heat produced over a 20 year period. The costs associated with the installation of the boilers will be recouped within seven years, at which time the council will share the payments received from the incentive with the member schools.

Dan Knight, Calderdale Council’s energy project officer, said the council is trying to develop a partnership approach for the use of biomass boilers at the schools. “Both the council and the schools will be saving money in the long term while demonstrating their commitment to the environment.”

In addition to the six schools potentially slated for biomass boiler installation projects, three other schools in Hodnet, Hinstock and Woore, could also soon be planning for biomass, according to the regional Shropshire Council.