Saying Goodbye, but Leaving You in Good Hands

By Rona Johnson | January 05, 2012

It is never easy saying goodbye, but it’s more pleasant when I know my absence will not leave a huge void. So even though I have accepted a position as the editor of Agweek magazine and will be gone by the time you read this—my final Editor’s Note for Biomass Power & Thermal magazine—Lisa Gibson will be taking the helm as the editor of Biomass Power & Thermal and Pellet Mill Magazine, making for a seamless transition.

It was tough to choose between agriculture and biomass. But I believe I’m getting the best of both worlds by moving because of agriculture’s ties to the biomass industry, namely in the crop residue, energy crop and animal waste areas.

I will continue to be a proponent of renewable energy and plan to keep track of all the projects that we’ve covered over the years. In my new position, there will be many opportunities to cover biomass power and thermal, so some of you may be hearing from me again in the near future.

 It has been a pleasure working in such a dynamic industry that has such potential for growth, and I’m so lucky to have had this opportunity.