Pennsylvania landfill-gas-to-energy developer seeks tenants

By Lisa Gibson | November 16, 2011

The Chrin Brothers Inc. is looking for four new tenants to occupy a 23-acre site and use heat produced at the company’s existing 3.2-megawatt landfill-gas-to-power plant.

The plant is the only operation in The Chrin Brothers’ Glendon Green Energy Park in Glendon Borough, Pa. The company owns a landfill about one-half mile away that contributes landfill gas to the power plant through a pipeline that runs under Interstate 78 in Williams Township. The plant was dedicated in July of this year, but the landfill has plenty more gas available that can be utilized, according to The Chrin Brothers.

“We have had some inquiries for warehouse/distribution use,” said David Chismar, Chrin engineer. “However, since we have additional landfill gas and there is approximately 35,000 Btu of secondary heat available, we would prefer a manufacturer that could use these in their manufacturing process. In addition, we also have treated water available for industrial use.”

Currently, power produced at the Green Energy Park is contracted to PPL Renewable Energy and used on the PJM Interconnection grid serving several Eastern states. Millenium Design Builders designed, built and now operates the plant.

"This is a great project that is a testament to a terrific team and critical support from the commonwealth that never lost faith in our ability to do this and do it right," Charles Chrin, president of The Chrin Brothers, said of the energy park. "Today, clean renewable energy is being generated from landfill gas and soon we expect the adjacent Green Energy Park manufacturing sites to be home to new jobs, making use of alternative energy, and employing upwards of 160 men and women. The entire region will benefit from these projects."