Canadian partnership supports wood pellet exports

By Matt Soberg | October 03, 2011

The Wood Pellet Association of Canada and the Quebec Wood Export Bureau’s Wood Pellet Group announced on Sept. 29 that they are joining forces to support and develop wood pellet exports in Eastern Canada.

“This agreement will allow wood pellet group members to benefit from the Canadian association, which includes monitoring, information collection and support to the development of the Canadian wood pellet industry,” according to a joint press release. “Reciprocally, the WPAC will rely on the expertise of QWEB staff as well as its overseas managers’ knowledge of foreign markets.”

The partnership could be a significant boon to the wood pellet export industry in the Eastern region of Canada.  “The main objective of the group is to strengthen the network of Quebec wood pellet producers mainly because of the strong competition existing on both North American and European markets,” said Pierre Tremblay, chairman of the group and general manager of Lauzon Recycled Wood Energy. “This is why Quebec wood pellet producers, like the entire Canadian industry, must double their efforts to consolidate their gains on local markets and to increase access to new overseas markets.”

QWEB understands the benefit of wood pellet produced bioenergy. “In this day and age of concerns about energy efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions, the use of wood pellets shows tremendous potential for the residential, commercial, industrial and institutional sectors,” according to QWEB. “In short, the energy produced by Quebec wood pellets offers excellent heat, economic and environmental performances and therefore helps promote the principle of sustainable and regional development.”

Each organization has assets that make the partnership advantageous for the wood pellet industry.  WPAC’s mission is to encourage the government to implement pro-pellet policies, as well as to help develop technology to maintain company competitiveness. WPAC is well-established with numerous Canadian pellet manufacturers and industry professionals as part of the organization with ongoing efforts to increase Canadian trade worldwide.

QWEB is a nonprofit that showcases wood product exports, including pellets, from Quebec. QWEB combines local services to wood-related industries with foreign relations to enhance pellet supply and demand.