DP CleanTech to convert coal power plant to biomass in Thailand

By Lisa Gibson | September 28, 2011

DP CleanTech will convert a coal-fired power plant in Thailand to run instead on waste wood and eucalyptus bark. The retrofitted combined-heat-and-power plant will provide 20 megawatts of electricity to a nearby 1-million-liter-per-day bioethanol plant being constructed by TPK Ethanol in Nakorn Ratchasima.

DP CleanTech’s new biomass boiler and vibrating grate technology will be fueled by biomass sourced from the forestry and paper industry in the surrounding area. As an alternative to the woody fuel, the system could also use Giant King Grass. DP CleanTech’s advanced boiler design has been adapted to handle biogas and up to 25 tons per hour of Giant King Grass, providing it with flexibility and fuel security. DP CleanTech and Giant King Grass provider Viaspace have signed a memorandum of understanding for the project, according to Viaspace.

DP CleanTech developed its capabilities in coal to biomass conversion in Europe. While this is the company’s first project of this kind in Asia, DP CleanTech anticipates many more similar projects to come, as governments and companies try to quickly and cost effectively reduce their dependence on coal.

“This is a great project for DP CleanTech as it allows us to build our reference list in Thailand and prove ourselves in coal conversion projects,” said Jerome Le-Borgne, DP CleanTech sales manager for Southeast Asia. “We believe Thailand has a major growth potential for biomass, largely thanks to the emerging government incentives. By providing this conversion service in addition to new build biomass plants we are establishing ourselves as the technological leaders for biomass to electricity.”

Thailand’s government encourages further production and use of biomass than is being realized and both Viaspace and DP CleanTech had announced within the past couple years their intentions to begin exploring opportunities there.


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  1. paul



    D, Thanks, for the website info. This company has ridiculuous potential to be a big player in biomass industry and at that stock price is crazy. Needless to say i bought a bunch and hanging on for the long haul. r/Paul

  2. Chumroen Benchavitvilai



    it is still very doubtful that GKG as the agro-energy crop would be economical viable for thermal biomass power plant. (1) So far there is only small back yard plantation with intensive in put of crop maintenance(Fully irrigated + Fertilization etc)to get the high yield in Fresh green tons. and then mathematical calculating the yield. In the reality of any crop. The big commercial scale will never be as good as the small back yard pilot plantation. The way to claim such high yield should not be correct. (2) The land for GKF should be reasonable good enough to generate the high yield. There is no way to plant GKG in the marginal land because marginal land will generate marginal result. (3) The heavy input for crop maintenance must put into account of economical viability. (4) Having teh Biomass of GKG feedstock with th high moisture Content over 70%. We also need to cost in the net DM we would get and the cost of the eenrgy to dry out such high moisture content done. The energy to dry the energy must be put into account.The cost will not be only the weight lose (70% down to 10% DM)but also we need to calculate the energy cost to dry (drive out the moisture in the biomass from 70% down to 10%) Before making any promotion of this crop. It must be the obligation / responsible of the promoter GKG to be careful for the current incorrect activities.promoter Need to knwo the actual cost to prepare the Biomass in eenrgy purpose. Technically is YES but practitioners it is still too far away for the future.

  3. Paul



    This is great news for biomass and clean fuel. This is should be the model for all biomass companies to emulate. Is this some super giant king grass? What is that? If that grass is half of what they say it is, we would not need to rely on corn stalk, straw or other biomass material for fuel.

  4. Richard



    First model probably gets tweaked in turns of the best feestock. Time will tell. My money is on GKG!

  5. d thompson



    Hey Paul check out it will have what info you would like to know about GKG.


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