Taylor Biomass recognized as Greenopia Distinguished Business

By Matt Soberg | August 08, 2011

Taylor Biomass Energy was not only recognized as environmentally sustainable, but it also satisfied Greenopia’s rigorous rating system to receive that distinction. The honor results in Taylor Biomass receiving the Greenopia Distinguished Business distinction, which substantiates a high level of eco-commitment by business and industry.

New York-based Taylor Biomass is a family-owned business specializing in technology that transforms waste into energy. President and CEO James W. Taylor Jr. is well-known for developing innovative solutions for a green future. The company embraces alternative energy solutions and maintains high environmental integrity. 

"Taylor Biomass Energy is so innovative and detail oriented, it is certainly qualified for the Greenopia distinction,” said Doug Mazeffa, Greenopia’s research director. Greenopia is a California-based company that provides a review of business and industry to determine organizations that maintain high ecofriendly standards. The company strives to be the most comprehensive resource for those who want to live green every day. The directory and review includes all facets of life from restaurants and transportation to alternative energy companies such as Taylor Biomass.

A business does not become Greenopia distinguished just by saying it is “green.” The review system is a multi-leveled qualification process that is truly selective. Environmental criteria are unique for every type of business under review. The process includes weighted questions and algorithm-driven mathematics to develop a computed score of ecofriendliness. Greenopia utilizes lengthy investigation, due diligence, and oftentimes field research to determine sustainability. 

“Taylor Biomass Energy is head and shoulders above others in its attempt to utilize biomass as an alternative fuel while also encouraging recycling to protect the environment,” Mazeffa said.

Taylor Biomass is building a 20-megawatt plant in Montgomery, N.Y., that focuses on transforming waste into energy through biomass gasification. It has developed the Taylor Gasification Process, which is a new technology to convert biomass energy for commercial use. This process can provide overall power generation efficiency of more than 40 percent, which is double the increase in power when compared to current recognized combustion technologies.