Sullivan County School District to get biomass system

By Northeastern Area State & Private Forestry | June 07, 2011

The Sullivan County (Pa.) School District is installing a new biomass district energy system that will supply heating and hot water for the elementary school, high school and new administrative offices.

The biomass system will replace 85 percent of fuel oil used at the facility and reduce the district’s annual heating cost by $115,000.  

A state-of-the-art renewable energy plant will generate hot water from locally sourced woody biomass. The hot water will be piped to the high school and distributed to the elementary school and administrative offices.  

Pennsylvania-based AFS Energy Systems in Lemoyne is the biomass system manufacturer.

Officials will hold a groundbreaking ceremony for the new biomass plant June 8.

The project is part of the PA Fuels for Schools and Beyond program. It was made possible by financial support from: Pennsylvania Energy Development Authority-Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (ARRA funding); Alternative and Clean Energy Program-PA Department of Community & Economic Development; USDA Northeastern Area State and Private Forestry; Appalachian Regional Commission; U.S. Forest Service Wood Education and Resource Center Technical Assistance Program.


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  1. Jesse Sewell



    trees for hot water....? Yes. If you think about it energy is a matter of conversion. Currently we convert imported oil into food (cheap fuel for farming tractors), fuel for cars (gasoline and diesel), millions of manufactured goods, all produced at relatively low cost. What happens when there is no more oil? Hmmm., don't want to think about that do you? Well, its something we need to think about. We have millions and millions and millions of acres of trees and when you cut them down, something miraculous happens. They grow back.

  2. gms



    trees for hot water, what's next, oxygen for....?!

  3. EJZ



    How about another natural gas well in your back yard instead?


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