Biomass power map shows increased project development activity

By Anna Austin | April 06, 2011

Biomass Power & Thermal’s Spring 2011 U.S. Biomass Power Map contains more projects under development and in construction than the previous map released in the fall of 2010.

As always, the map includes the name and location of confirmed operating and proposed biomass power plants 1 megawatt or larger that are supplying a portion of their power to the grid. The map also indicates plant feedstocks, coal-to-biomass conversions, coal plants cofiring or planning to cofire with biomass and combined-heat-and-power utilization.

While regulatory uncertainty and permitting issues may have prompted some developers to cancel or shelve projects in the past six months, Biomass Power & Thermal’s data indicates that overall development activity in the U.S. has increased by nearly 20 percent in the past six months. The 2010 Fall U.S. Biomass Power Map listed 41 proposed projects, four of which were coal-to-biomass conversions, versus 49 proposed projects, including 10 conversions, in the spring map.

Additionally, projects that were proposed and are now under construction have increased from three to six in the past six months.  

The spring map also lists the top 10 states with the most operating plants and proposed projects, which are: California 22, Florida 16, New York 14, New Hampshire 14, Maine 11, Michigan 11, Massachusetts 10, Minnesota 9, Pennsylvania 9, and Connecticut 8.

Along with an increase in proposed plants, the spring map also will have a different look than previous maps. BBI International is collaborating with the University of North Dakota’s Department of Earth System Science and Policy, which is using its Geographic Information System technology to add new contextual features and improve plant location accuracy.

The Spring 2010 U.S. Biomass Power Map will be mailed to subscribers with the May issue of Biomass Power & Thermal and distributed at the International Biomass Conference & Expo, which will be held May 2-5 in St. Louis. Copies of the map can also be obtained by emailing