Repreve to host Freedom Giant Miscanthus Field Day

By Bryan Sims | December 02, 2010

Biomass energy developers, farmers and landowners will have an opportunity to learn more about growing miscanthus as an energy crop at the first Freedom Giant Miscanthus Field Day hosted by Repreve Renewables LLC in Soperton, Ga., on Jan. 13.

According to Repreve CEO Phillip Jennings, Freedom Field Day activities are designed to promote education about planting, growing and harvesting giant miscanthus in the Southeast. The agenda includes equipment demonstrations from Case IH, AGCO and other vendors; presentations and exhibits by Mississippi State University, University of Georgia and Appalachian State University; and industry experts answering questions, showcasing new technologies and explaining programs such as the federal Biomass Crop Assistance Program.

“We also want to show some very unique things, particularly around the classes of land we’re growing miscanthus on,” Jennings added. “We don’t know of anybody else that’s growing miscanthus on Class 3 or Class 4 soils, which are nonfood and nonfiber-based land.”

Repreve has an exclusive license from MSU to grow Freedom giant miscanthus at its 400-acre site in Soperton. Jennings said the company has demonstrated the economic feasibility of scaling up from rhizomes. “We have a very conducive climate to grow many tons of saleable fuels in the Southeast and we have a lot of land that’s economically priced,” he said. “By planting and harvesting more miscanthus, the Southeast could potentially become one of the Saudi Arabia’s of the world when it comes to renewable energy.”

Jennings said he’s received several inquiries from tree producers who have marginal land and want to produce high-yielding energy crops such as miscanthus.

The Freedom Field Day is open to the public at Repreve’s main farm in Soperton, but advanced registration is required. To register for the event, visit