3D glasses made from Cereplast's bioplastics

Oculus3D, a company focused on film-based 3D projection technology, will be the first to offer eco-friendly 3D glasses, made from Cereplast Inc. bioplastic resins and ready for distribution to movie theaters this summer.

The CO2 emissions for the more than 10 million fossil fuel-based, nonbiodegradable plastic glasses offered by movie theaters today is equivalent to the harmful emissions generated by burning 50,000 gallons of gasoline or 917 barrels of oil, according to Cereplast. The Oculus3D eyewear will feature Cereplast's Compostables resin made with Ingeo polylactic acid. The 3D glasses will biodegrade at a compost site in less than 180 days with no chemical residues or toxicity left in the soil.