Dyadic Netherlands joins Kluyver Centre's Industrial Platform

Netherlands-Dyadic Nederland BV, the research and development arm of Dyadic International Inc. has joined the Industrial Platform of the Kluyver Centre for Genomics of Industrial Fermentation. This platform consists of both small- to medium-enterprise companies and multinationals involved in the field of industrial fermentation. Industrial Platform members link to the Kluyver Centre and benefit from direct, confidential access to results from the Kluyver Centre's precommercialization research activities. Membership will also enable Dyadic Netherlands to rapidly access an extended network of world class scientists. By joining the Kluyver Centre's Industrial Platform, Dyadic Netherlands will be actively involved in the Kluyver Centre's research program entitled, Filamentous Fungi for Proteins and Peptides, but also intends to contribute its experience in genomics of industrially relevant fungal strains to the centre.