New Jersey Natural Gas joins RNG Coalition

By Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas | August 28, 2020

The Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas has welcomed New Jersey Natural Gas Co. to its membership. NJNG joins 230 companies and organizations across North America dedicated to the sustainable development, deployment and utilization of renewable natural gas so that present and future generations will have access to domestic, renewable clean fuel and energy. NJNG is the first New Jersey utility to join the coalition.

"Because RNG can be deployed as natural gas, electricity, or hydrogen, New Jersey Natural Gas' support for RNG will position them to serve there customers with the highest quality, lowest carbon energy available today," said David Cox, co-founder of RNG Coalition. "We are happy to have NJNG in the RNG Coalition and look forward to working in partnership with them in support of the environment and the people of New Jersey."

RNG facilities capture methane and other gases emitted from organic waste – including food waste, municipal solid waste, waste water, and manure – and convert it into RNG. RNG is fully fungible with conventional natural gas, and is used as a direct substitute in commercial, industrial and residential natural gas applications.

New Jersey Natural Gas is an investor-owned gas LDC serving more than 550,000 customers across five counties in New Jersey. NJNG and its parent company New Jersey Resources has made its goals of sustainability, emissions reduction and renewable fuel innovation a cornerstone of its business. 

“New Jersey Natural Gas has a long history of embracing innovation, and we look forward to building on our track record as the first New Jersey utility to join the Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas” said Steve Westhoven, president and CEO of New Jersey Resources. “The development of pioneering fuel sources, like RNG, presents new clean energy opportunities to decarbonize the natural gas system relied on by millions of New Jersey families, sustainably grow our business and help achieve New Jersey’s emissions reduction goals.”

Founded in 2011, RNG Coalition is a non-profit association representing companies, municipalities, universities and labor in public education and advocacy on the benefits of RNG as an ultra-clean, domestically produced, energy resource in North America.