ACR: Comment period open on updated landfill gas methodology

By Erin Voegele | July 28, 2020

The American Carbon Registry has opened a public comment period on Version 2.0 of its methodology for the generation of carbon offsets from landfill gas destruction and beneficial use projects.

According to the ACR, the original version of the methodology was developed by ACR with technology support from the U.S. EPA’s Landfill Methane Outreach Program and covers the destruction of landfill gas in an eligible flare; the conversion of landfill gas in a turbine, boiler or generator to energy; the enhancement of landfill gas for injection into a natural gas pipeline; and the enhancement of landfill gas for use in fleet vehicles, trucks and cars.

Version 2.0 of the methodology was developed in cooperation with Loci Controls Inc. It adds a fifth eligible project activity—the installation of an automated collection system that increases landfill gas collection efficiency above that obtained with standard collection methods with methane destruction, conversion, or enhancement occurring via any of the technologies covered in the original methodology.

According to the ACR, automated collection systems hold tremendous promise to increase the collection of methane from landfills through the use of automatic control and measurement devices that eliminate the need for standard manual wellfield tuning. The ACR said when combined with cloud-based data collection and analysis tools, automated collection systems result in the ability to continuously optimize wellfield conditions resulting in significant increases in landfill gas collection efficiency.

A statement released by Loci Controls explains that carbon credits could not historically be generated on landfills that are required by regulations to install and operate landfill gas collection systems. As a result, some of the largest landfills in the U.S. were unable to participate in voluntary carbon credit markets related to landfill gas collection. The new methodology, however, would allow these large landfills to participate in those markets through the development of projects using automated landfill gas collection control technology that improves gas collection when compared to standard manual well-field tuning methods.

“The ACR Methodology is a very important step in creating value related to Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction through the use of Loci’s automated gas collection technology to increase landfill gas collection system efficiency,” said Peter Quigley, chairman and CEO of Loci Controls, in a statement released July 10. “In addition to the benefits of increased revenue, increased productivity, and reduced ESG risks, it will be possible in the near future to generate new sources of revenue for landfill gas to energy projects.”

Comments can be filed on the new methodology through Aug. 7. Additional information is available on the ACR website