Eqtec, Carbon Sole partner on waste-to-energy projects in Ireland

By Erin Voegele | July 02, 2020

Eqtec, a technology supplier for gasification projects, announced on June 29 that its wholly owned subsidiary Eqtec Iberia SLU has signed a collaboration framework agreement with Ireland-based Carbon Sole Group Ltd. to jointly participate in Irish projects using Eqtec’s gasifier technology, including those involving biogas, district heating, and waste-to-energy.

Under the agreement, Eqtec said it will be the exclusive gasification technology supplier and co-developer for three planned green energy parks in Ireland that will utilize advanced biofuels, energy storage and district heating networks. The first two proposed sites are already zoned for enterprise/industrial and are suitable for heat and electricity generation using biofuels, Eqtec said. The agreement is currently valid for 24 months.

The company also noted the proposed plants will be designed to take in forestry and agri-waste. This fuel will be sourced locally from underutilized forest waste biomass supply.

The agreement states that Carbon Sole will be responsible for obtaining the permits, licenses and authorizations, power purchase agreements and feedstock agreements for the projects. Those elements are expected to be in place by the first quarter of next year.

According to Eqtec, designs for the three initial projects are currently being updated to use Eqtec’s technology. The designs are expected to qualify for Irish renewable electricity supports, advanced biofuels obligations, renewable heat and other green climate action support schemes available in Ireland.

Information recently released by Eqtec indicates the company is also progressing with the development of gasification projects in the U.K. On June 23, Eqtec announced it had signed an extension of a conditional memorandum of understanding (MOU) with Cobra Instalaciones Y Servicios, the company’s strategic partner, for the development of waste-to-energy projects, and Scott Bros. Enterprises Ltd. to jointly develop the Billingham Energy waste gasification and power plant, a proposed 25 megawatt (MW) facility in Laverton Hill, U.K. Eqtec said the three parties have agreed to further extend the exclusivity period of the MOU until Sept. 22, 2020.