Republic Services aims to increase biogas use

By Erin Voegele | July 30, 2019

Republic Services Inc. released its next generation sustainability strategy in mid-July. The strategy outlines seven long-term goals, including one that aims to significantly increase the volume of biogas sent to beneficial reuse.

Under the strategy, Republic Services aims to increase biogas sent to beneficial reuse by 50 percent by 2030 when compared to a 2017 baseline.

The company, which currently operates 75 renewable energy products, said it is continuing to explore new and emerging beneficial uses for biogas.

“This biogas is used by many commercial, industrial and manufacturing companies for process fuel,” said Republic Services in its sustainability strategy. “It also is utilized in large scale electrical generators, providing baseload renewable electricity for multiple utilities. In addition, we are proud of the progress we’re making in converting biogas into a renewable transportation fuel—contributing to a circular economy by powering our Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) collection trucks.”

Within the strategy, Republic Services highlights a renewable natural gas (RNG) project that was brought online in 2018 with energy partners at its Southeast Oklahoma Landfill. Landfill gas processed at that facility is upgraded into pipeline quality gas and used to power homes and businesses and fuel natural gas vehicle fleets, including the company’s own trucks.

Additional information on the sustainability strategy is available on the Republic Services website.