Kwik Trip to sell RNG produced at Wisconsin landfill gas project

By Erin Voegele | February 27, 2019

Officials in Dane County, Wisconsin, have announced that Kwik Trip will be a primary dispenser of renewable natural gas (RNG) produced at the county’s landfill biogas project when it reaches completion later this year.

According to Dane County, its landfill biogas project will turn trash and cow manure into RNG and inject it into an interstate transmission pipeline so it can be bought and sold to power fleets of compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles. Kwik Trip’s partnership with the county will allow it to dispense renewable CNG from the pipeline and sell it at its CNG fuel stations.

The county said its new facility will feature a biogas offloading station to allow other biogas producers, such as manure digesters, to inject their gas into the pipeline. “This Dane County project is the first in the nation to be able to receive biogas from multiple off-site locations and connect that renewable gas with CNG gas stations locally and across the nation,” said the county in a press release, noting that the third-party biogas must be purified and compressed by the owner’s equipment before being hauled to the landfill and injected into the pipeline.

Dane County estimates its landfill biogas project will displace approximately 3 million gallons of fossil fuels in the first year of operation, growing to 4 million gallons per year thereafter.

The county estimates it will generate enough revenue from the project to payback its $28 million cost in just a few years.

According to the county, its 2018 budget included the final phase of funding totaling $28 million to build the biogas processing facility at its landfill and connect it with the adjacent interstate pipeline. Of those funds, $5.5 million went toward building the gas off-loading station for other biogas producers to inject their cleaned up fuel. The 2018 county budget also included a $200,000 study to look into where additional digesters could be located to process manure into biogas.

“Our project at the landfill will be a win for clean air as well as Dane County taxpayers,” said County Executive Joe Parisi in a statement. “Dane County’s partnership with Kwik Trip will enable our region to reap the benefits of the renewable fuel generated at the landfill.”

The partnership between Dane County and Kwik Trip is being made possible through the county’s contract with Bluesource, a company that brings firms together to monetize renewable energy and environmental attributes to reduce and mitigate environmental impacts. As one of Bluesource’s clients, Kwik Trip will be able to purchase the fuel and use it for the company’s operations.

“Kwik Trip is proud to partner with Dane County and Bluesource on this progressive, innovative, and collaborative sustainability initiative involving the transformation of the County’s landfill biogas into the development of renewable natural gas,” said David Ring, community relations manager at Kwik Trip.  “We view this as a win-win partnership that will allow us to provide a cleaner fuel source for our customers and create a significant benefit for the environment in the form of reduced carbon emissions. This partnership makes a positive difference in the communities we serve and fits well with Kwik Trip’s other integrated sustainability initiatives.”