Sebigas contracted to build 17.5 MW biogas project in Brazil

By Erin Voegele | October 11, 2018

Italy-based biogas developer Sebigas has announced its Brazilian division, Sebigas Do Brasil, has been awarded a contract to construct a 17.5 MW biogas plant in southern Brazil.

The biogas plant will be located in Guariba, São Paulo, Brazil, near Raízen’s second largest ethanol and sugar mill. The mill processes more than 5 million tons of sugarcane annually and generates high volumes of vinasse coproduct, which the new biogas plant will take in as feedstock.

According to information released by Sebigas, the biogas plant will receive approximately 9,200 cubic meters of vinasse each day, producing approximately 187,000 normal cubic meters of biogas. The resulting biogas will be used to produce 17.5 MW of electricity, which will be sold to the national grid. Digested vinasse will be used as fertilizer.

Sebigas said it has developed more than 80 biogas plants around the world, and is expected to construct 20 additional facilities over the next three years.