EnviTec partners with Bauer to enter CNG market

By Erin Voegele | July 31, 2017

EnviTec Biogas has announced it is partnering with Germany-based Bauer Kompressoren GmbH to add compressed natural gas to (CNG) its portfolio.

“Paired with Bauer’s mature CNG solutions, our expertise in gas upgrading is now opening up new opportunities for us to achieve a major breakthrough with bio CNG and biomethane, both domestically and internationally,” said Stefan Laumann, head of gas upgrading at EnviTec.

According to Laumann, the company will now be able to offer a complete package from biodegradable waste to the CNG pump from a single source. Bauer will supply system components, including high-pressure compressors, gas buffer tanks and CNG pumps. The equipment will be installed in containers by EnviTec’s engineers. The new components will be integrated into the biogas plant and upgrading system, allowing cars and buses to be fueled with CNG.

“This cooperation between two technology leaders is also a game-changing step for us to take, and it offers customers 100 percent made-in-Germany quality while clearly underlining Germany’s leading role in action on climate change,” said Stefan Hacker, managing director at Bauer.