EnviTech Biogas commissioning two New York dairy digesters

By Anna Simet | February 15, 2017

Global digester developer EnviTech Biogas is in the processing of commissioning its third and fourth digesters at New York dairy farms.

Both projects recipients of NYSERDA grants, one is located at Lamb Lakeshore Dairy in Wilson, New York, according to EnviTech Biogas USA General Manager Steve McGlynn. It is a 1.9-million-gallon, complete mix digester with a 570-kilowatt (kW) combined-heat-and-power (CHP) GE Jenbaucher engine. Gas at the site is being flared until the commissioning process is complete, which McGlynn said he expects to be finished within 30 days.

The other project is at Adirondack Dairy Farm in Peru, New York, a 1.9-million-gallon, complete mix digester with a 633-kW CHP Guascor engine.

The Lamb Lakeshore and Adirondack projects market EnviTech’s expanded presence in the Northeast U.S., following two additional EnviTech-built digesters that have been operating successfully at  New York dairies for the past several years.  “Our first digester at Lawnhurst Dairy Farm is entering its fourth year of operation, and is running over 90 percent of rated capacity since start-up,” McGlynn said. “This digester is a 1.5-million-gallon digester with a 540-kW CHP. Inputs include cow manure, food wastes and crop silage.”

The other is at Noblehurst Dairy Farm, and McGlynn said it “is one of a kind." The 1.5-million-gallon digester with a 440-kW CHP is entering its second year of operation, and is also running at over 90 percent of its rated capacity since start-up, according to McGlynn. “Unique to this farm is that the digester is built between the dairy and a milk processing plant owned by six dairy farmers,” he said. “Our digester receives manure from the barns, waste whey from the milk plant, expired packaged food products from grocery stores, McDonalds, Tim Horton's and a few others, for an input ratio of  60 percent cow manure, and 40 percent food wastes.

Depackaging of the expired food products is done by a local adult rehabilitative group, McGlynn added, and electricity is sold to the local utility.

Envitech owns and operates over 100 digesters in Europe, and has built about 500 digesters around the world, about 30 of which involve pure gas cleanup.