Cascades plans $11 million biomass boiler upgrade at Quebec plant

By Anna Simet | February 14, 2017

Cascades Inc., a global packaging and tissue products company, is revamping existing biomass boilers at its Cascades Containerboard Packaging–Cabano plant in Quebec, Canada, with the help of $5.2 million in financial aid from the provincial government, according to a Feb. 10 joint announcement.

Cascades will also invest $6.1 million in the project, for a total project cost of $11.3 million. It will include the modification of two residual biomass boilers, one of which will be upgraded with automatic controls. The other, a more extensive project, will involve installation of a new combustion chamber and combustion air preheater.

The driving force behind the upgrades, on top of improving boiler operating time and efficiency, is to limit the use of an additional, heavy fuel oil-consuming boiler that remains on site.

Government funds for the project will be drawn from Quebec’s Green Fund, which was put into place in 2006 to back the province’s 2013-‘20 Climate Change Action Plan, which includes supporting Quebec businesses in carbon reduction efforts. The revenue of the Green Fund is drawn from a variety of sources, but mainly Quebec’s carbon market.

Cascades was founded in 1964 and produces, converts and markets packaging and tissue products that are composed mainly of recycled fibers. The company employs 11,000 employees at nearly 90 production units in North America and Europe.