Weltec announces biogas projects in Colombia, Croatia

By Erin Voegele | September 02, 2016

Weltec Biopower recently announced an agreement to build an 800-kW biogas plant at an egg production facility in Colombia and noted a 250-kW facility it built at a Croatian pig farm is now operational. 

In August, the company announced plans to start building an anaerobic digestion plant for Incubadora Santander, Colombia’s largest egg producer. The 800-kW facility is expected to begin operations early next year.

Incubadora Santander produces approximately 3.5 million eggs each day and plans to co-digest dry chicken manure from laying hens with process water. According to Weltec, the feedstock will be pretreated in a sedimentation tank. There, manure will be separated from sand and lime and pumped into a 4,903 cubic meter digester by way of an upstream storage unit with a capacity of 1,076 cubic meters. Digestate from the process will be used as a liquid fertilizer.

The 250-kW anaerobic digestion facility that recently opened in Croatia was developed for Dalibor Vrček and also produces heat, power and fertilizer. The facility take sin slurry from a newly erected pigsty with 130 sows and 2,800 porkers.

According to Weltec, before the big slurry is pumped into the 1,716 cubic meter stainless steel digester, it can be stored in an existing upstream slurry store. The project includes a small 35 cubic meter input system for transferring solid substrates, such as maize silage.