Puregas opens California office, partners with Unison Solutions

By Puregas Solutions | August 09, 2016

August 2016 marked the official opening of Puregas Solutions new North American sales office. Located in in Culver City, California, Puregas Solutions bring the industry leading CApure biogas upgrading technology to the North American market for the very first time.

Puregas Solutions and Unison Solutions Inc. are pleased to announce that they are working in partnership to bring the CApure upgrading technology to North America. The unique CApure, chemical adsorption biogas upgrading process, captures over 99.9 percent of the available biomethane in raw biogas, maximizing renewable gas yields and revenues with a very low operational cost. The pipeline quality renewable natural gas can be compressed for vehicle fuel, grid injection, or liquefied for renewable LNG.

“As we move into new markets, it’s essential that we continue to maintain our high levels of product quality, on time delivery, great customer service and excellent technical assistance. Unison Solutions, Inc. shares these same values and we’re confident that working in partnership with them will deliver these key objectives to our customers in North America,” said Jan Molin, president of Puregas Solutions LLC.

Unison Solutions is the U.S. manufacturer for Puregas Solutions and will also provide service and support for these systems. Unison Solutions, based in Dubuque, Iowa, designs, manufactures and markets biogas conditioning systems for cogeneration systems and vehicle fuel. Puregas Solutions is based in Kalmar, Sweden, and has been manufacturing biogas upgrading systems since 2002 with over 30 systems operating in Europe. The key markets served are wastewater treatment facilities, landfills, and industrial anaerobic digesters on both a national and international level.