SCS Engineers awarded contract for landfill gas-to-energy system

By SCS Engineers | January 08, 2016

SCS Engineers was hired by the Orlando Utilities Commission to expand its existing landfill gas (LFG) treatment and compression facility located at the Orange County Landfill in Florida. Expanding the LFG facility will double the nominal inlet flow capacity to 8,000 standard cubic feet per minute.

Doubling capacity will help support the OUC’s sustainability goal to offset non-renewable resources by using local renewable resources to generate energy at its coal-fired powerplant. OUC chose SCS to design, build, test, and commission its facility because SCS’s environmental engineers and contractors could meet the strict project time frame and budget.

The treated LFG is used to heat water into steam, which drives turbine generators to produce energy. According to the U.S. EPA, using LFG helps to reduce odors and other hazards associated with LFG emissions, and helps prevent methane from migrating into the atmosphere and contributing to local smog and global climate change. The EPA also encourages the efficiency of using local resources such as LFG.

“Our team is comprised of professionals from two SCS specialty divisions, Energy and Field Services, combined with SCS Engineers to provide the project quality and timeliness the Commission expects from us,” said Gregory Hansen, project manager of the SCS team. “We can deliver all project phases including permitting, design, and construction, as well as enhancement of the programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system.”