Renew Biomass, New Energy Farms announce partnership

By Renew Biomass | November 20, 2015

Renew Biomass and New Energy Farms recently announced their long-term partnership agreement in which New Energy Farms will provide Renew Biomass with high-quality Miscanthus planting material.

The supply agreement will commence in January 2016, for the upcoming planting season. Renew Biomass will plant a rate of 10,000 rhizomes per acre in Central and Southwest Missouri. “This planting rate is more than two times the rate the University of Illinois recommends. Renew Biomass is dedicated to helping our farmers have a successful establishment,” said Renew Biomass Director of Agriculture Eric Allphin.

“We chose to partner with New Energy Farms instead of producing our own planting material because they offer a superior product at a great price. This allows us to shave our costs and learn from their expertise,” said Allphin. ­­

New Energy Farms has developed a planting technology called CEEDS which consists of carefully primed and encapsulated planting material. With this technology, Miscanthus can be planted using conventional planting equipment, and has the added advantage of being a vehicle to apply crop protection and growth promoting products during crop establishment.  

“As New Energy Farms transitions to CEEDS, we will transition with them,” said Allphin.

“It is refreshing working with a company like Renew Biomass that has adopted such a positive attitude towards biomass crops,” said Paul Carver, CEO of New Energy Farms. “This is a significant investment in Miscanthus planting in the US and it illustrates how new technologies, throughout the supply chain, can unlock the huge potential offered by biomass crops.”