Viaspace completes design, engineering of biogas plant

By Viaspace Inc. | July 29, 2015

Viaspace Inc. recently announced that it has completed the engineering and design work for a 2 MW biogas power plant in Papua New Guinea for Clean Energy Solutions Pacific. Clean Energy Solutions, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, is an independent power producer focused on developing power for frontier and emerging markets. CES has extensive experience in project development and management, engineering and construction of power plants.

The CES project located in Papua New Guinea is to own and operate a biogas power plant and Giant King Grass plantation that delivers reliable, 24/7 electricity to the grid to meet the customer demand profile, under a power purchase agreement from the government electricity company.

The biogas power plant was designed by Viaspace to meet the daily load profile for the utility customer in Papua New Guinea. The load profile and the comparison of peak load to average load determined the size of the digesters, the amount of biogas storage and the number and size of the engine generators. This information plus the biogas production from Giant King Grass determined the size of the Giant King Grass plantation needed to provide 100 percent of the power.

The scope of biogas power plant engineering and design work included:
- Giant King Grass feeding system
- hydrolysis system
- primary and secondary digesters
- biogas and substrate piping specifications
- biogas treatment
- biogas storage
- engine/generator sets
- monitoring and controls
- transformer substation
- digestate handling
- trench silos
- internal energy consumption
- operations and maintenance
- construction and operating costs

Since the power plant will be located in a remote area, careful consideration was given to a straightforward and proven design with low maintenance and ready availability of spare parts. The engine generators, electronics and control system, pumps and gas cleanup system will be integrated into 40 foot container modules which will be assembled and tested before shipment to Papua New Guinea.

The Viaspace report to CES included a detailed parts list of all major equipment with vendors identified and multiple quotations for each piece of equipment sourced from the United States and Europe.

CES Chief Operations Officer McCabe Cox reports, "Clean Energy Solutions Pacific is very pleased with the work completed by Viaspace Inc. and found it to be extremely thorough and professional. Clean Energy Solutions Pacific plans on using Viaspace Inc. for additional engineering work on the Papua New Guinea Project as well as its other biomass power projects due to the excellent quality of work provided under this project."

Cox continued, "Our biogas power plant will provide badly needed base load power for a remote area in Papua New Guinea. It is a clean and renewable alternative to oil-based electricity, and the power plant and Giant King Grass plantation provide needed jobs."

Viaspace Chief Technology Officer Carl Kukkonen stated, "Viaspace is proud of the engineering and design work we have performed for CES. We can provide complete turnkey solutions to customers including the Giant King Grass plantation and the power plant—both for smaller applications of 1 to 3 MW using anaerobic digestion, and larger power plants similar to our project inNicaragua which can be scaled from its current 12.3 MW down to 10 MW and up to 35 MW."

Viaspace Chairman Kevin Schewe commented, "CES standards mandate that each of their power plant projects create a formula for success that makes both economic and environmental sense. Viaspace shares this philosophy and we are very pleased to have worked effectively with CES for the design and engineering of the 2 MW PNG project. We look forward to working with CES on this project and other biomass power plant projects in the future."