Minnesota group offers facility assistance for wood heat systems

By Dovetail partners | April 13, 2015

The Minnesota Statewide Wood Energy Team (MN SWET), a statewide team for supporting high-efficiency wood energy systems, announces the availability of a new type of facility assistance for those searching for opportunities to move from fuel oil and propane to innovative wood energy systems.  The new assistance will include offering complimentary engineering services to interested facilities.

The MN SWET team will obtain a single engineering firm on retainer for the remainder of the cooperative agreement (through December 2016). The engineering firm will be available to provide complimentary assistance to facilities needing to undergo an intermediate feasibility analysis. MN SWET believes this approach will allow it to serve the needs of a far greater number of facilities that are smaller in size and that require additional information before evaluating specific wood chip, pellet, cordwood or flex fuel options.

"This approach of providing complimentary engineering services will allow facilities looking to utilize modern biomass energy technologies a financial incentive and resources to do so," states Anna Dirkswager, biomass coordinator for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Manager of the Statewide Wood Energy Team. "Opportunities for wood energy are important for facilities that don't have access to natural gas, especially considering last winter's extreme weather and the resulting spike in propane prices."

Facilities interested in learning more about the availability of complimentary engineering services through the MN SWET program are encouraged to visit the programs website for more information and contact Anna Dirkswager. To learn more in person, visit the MN SWET informational booths at the upcoming 2015 International Biomass Conference and Heating the Midwest Conference in Minneapolis from April 20-22.

MN SWET includes diverse organizations and individuals with expertise to support effective use of wood energy technologies. MN SWET helps Minnesota facilities and businesses move toward realizing the opportunity to cut costs, support local economies and forest management, and advance clean energy development through the use of wood as energy. MN SWET is administered by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources through a grant received from the USDA Forest Service.

To learn more about MN SWET, visit: www.dnr.state.mn.us/forestry/biomass/swet.html

The 2015 International Biomass Conference and Heating the Midwest Conference are being held April 20-22 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Additional information can be found here