EPA improves pathway petition process for the RFS

By Staff | November 24, 2014

The U.S. EPA has taken action to improve and streamline the pathway petition process under the renewable fuels standard (RFS). In March, the agency said it would take approximately six months to improve the petition process for new biofuel pathways. That process is now complete.

Improvements include a new website that features new tools and information resources, such as the Pathway Screening Tool, which provides biofuel producers with a way to receive tailored information from the EPA before they start preparing their petitions. A secure online portal has also been developed to allow petitions to be submitted electronically.

The EPA is expected to continue to prioritize petitions for cellulosic pathways, particularly for near-term projects.

“We believe we have revised our website to provide more detailed information in a way that is easier for petitioners to understand.  We hope they will use the new tools and information to develop high quality petitions so that the review process can be as efficient as possible,” said an EPA spokeswoman.