Ensyn, Memorial Hospital commission RFO heating operations

By Ensyn Corp. | October 02, 2014

Robert Graham, chairman and CEO of Ensyn Corp., and Scott McKinnon, CEO of Memorial Hospital, recently hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony at Memorial Hospital in North Conway, New Hampshire, to celebrate the commissioning of Memorial's heating system conversion from traditional petroleum fuels to Ensyn's renewable liquid fuel known as RFO.

Ensyn is supplying Memorial under a five-year, renewable contract that provides for the delivery of 300,000 gallons per year of Ensyn's RFO cellulosic biofuel. This contract allows Memorial to fully displace its petroleum heating fuels with Ensyn's renewable fuel, reducing Memorial's greenhouse gases from heating fuels by approximately 85 percent. In addition, adoption of Ensyn's RFO provides Memorial with substantial cost savings. Memorial's boiler has been operating successfully on 100 percent RFO for approximately one month.

"Memorial is proud to have played a pioneering role as the first hospital to adopt Ensyn's liquid fuels for heating purposes and we congratulate Ensyn on the successful commissioning," said Scott McKinnon. "Ensyn's RFO will allow Memorial to lower our environmental footprint and lower our operating costs, and we can do all of this without capital expense while preserving our ability to switch back to conventional fuels at a later date if we wish."

Ensyn is producing RFO for Memorial at its 3 million gallons per year facility in Ontario, Canada. In the future, the production for Memorial may be replaced by Ensyn projects currently in development closer to the Hospital. Ensyn's Ontario facility has recently been qualified by the U.S. EPA under the U.S. renewable fuel standards (RFS) program. Ensyn expects that renewable identification numbers (RINs) generated at Memorial under the RFS2 program will enhance contract economics.

"We are pleased to commission Memorial's RFO heating operations," Graham said. "This is one of our first contracts to supply RFO from our expanded production capacity and is an excellent opportunity to showcase Ensyn's technology and the operational and environmental benefits we can provide to our customers."

Ensyn's RFO is a liquid fuel produced from non-food solid biomass including forest and mill residues. RFO, essentially "liquid wood," directly displaces petroleum fuels in heating operations and is also a renewable feedstock for refineries for the production of gasoline and diesel.

Memorial is using its existing boiler for RFO combustion operations. In addition, Ensyn installed on-site tankage and an RFO delivery system, including an innovative new burner that provides Memorial with the flexibility to switch back and forth, at will, between petroleum fuels and Ensyn's RFO. The burner was supplied and installed by Cleaver-Brooks, the market leader in package boilers.