Highland plans Arkansas project

By Staff | September 25, 2014

Highland Pellets LLC has announced plans to build a 500,000 metric ton-per-year plant in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The facility’s fiber supply is fully contracted for 10 years. Pellets produced at the facility are expected to be exported to Europe. 

Marshall Chapin, chief operating officer with Highland, said the company chose the location because of the availability of resources. “The Pine Bluff area has an abundant and sustainable fiber basket, which can reliably support our fiber needs, and it has both rail and barge access for redundancy of logistics,” he said.

Although off-take agreements and feedstock partners are still confidential, the company said it is working with industry partners including a leading forestry company to provide sustainable fiber feedstock and Cooper/Consolidated for management of the logistics supply chain for export. Groundbreaking was expected to begin in October with pellet production in March 2016.