BTEC highlights trends in wood heat incentives

By Staff | September 25, 2014

Residential wood heating incentives are on a roll, and the industry is beginning to see trends, said John Ackerly, president of the Alliance for Green Heat, during a recent Biomass Thermal Energy Council webinar.

Residential wood heat has risen dramatically in recent years, Ackerly said, especially in the Northeast and Great Lakes states. “In some cases, by 100 percent… Incentive programs are guiding consumer purchasing and steering people to cleaner and more efficient appliances.”

And it’s finally being recognized that wood heat is a real opportunity for incentives that help reduce fossil fuel use. “Historically, all of that money and attention has gone into solar and geothermal, and now wood is starting to be included,” Ackerly continued.

Also speaking during the webinar was Adam Sherman, executive director of the Biomass Energy Resource Center, who discussed commercial wood appliance incentives, legislative and financial policies, and Ryan Moore of the New York State Energy Research  and Development Authority, who detailed the state’s new renewable heat initiative incentives.